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3 Reasons to Hire Black Sheep for your Web Design

Having a digital presence is important to build your audience, especially in the techy world we live. Black Sheep offers a Small Business Web Design Package to connect with your consumers. Our package includes a free consultation, 10 customized pages, business directory listing on Google, and more! Here is 3 reasons why we hope you consider hiring Black Sheep for your web design.

1. 15 years of experience

Anyone can create a website these days. I wish I could say it is complete rocket science to custom build a website – but the truth is, WIX, WordPress, Sitelio make building your own website fairly easy. Why would anyone hire a company like Black Sheep to design it for them? It comes down to building your brand and your story. Using a Design expert helps highlight the importance of your story, the key components that make your organization unique.

To launch a website, or redesign it, it needs to feel fresh and trendy – and thinking about what is going to be trending in 2-5 years so that it doesn’t become dated. We want it to feel like you. Whether it is a custom logo, or a pop of color to draw attention, or a special factoid that people must know, Black Sheep wants this marketing tool something you are proud to share.

2. We focus on you and your story!

Yes, we are creating your website, but it is just one chapter in your story. We want to tell a cohesive story. If you have a logo – we want to use it for inspiration. If you have a font style or color scheme, it is important to incorporate those into website to build your brand awareness.

If you don’t have any of those – don’t fret! Sometimes converting your ideas into fruition is hard! Let Black Sheep help design your brand and draw out your concepts. Using your branding guidelines or ideas we are able to highlight the key components for your audience.

3. Small but Fabulous!

1. We are bit funky. Amber’s an artist – so she has fun with design concepts. She may pitch a spin on your idea that you never would have thought of – that ends up being perfect! If you have not had a chance to look at the Friendship Hill Inclusive Playground's signage in Wabash – it’s a perfect example of her talent. She used whimsical illustrations for a fun and inspiring spin.

We'd love to connect with you and your project. Please email us at for a free consultation.

Stay positive, stay healthy,

The Sheep

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