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Small But Fabulous - a COVID-19 wedding

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

When we rang in the 2020 new year, I don't think anyone was expecting a year like this. If you are a 2020 bride who now is debating whether to keep your date, we hope you can find the silver lining. Below are 3 reasons to consider keeping a 2020 date.

1. Romantic Elopement

Imagine a day without stress of being tied to timelines and schedules. Will your makeup and hair be done before pictures start? Are the groomsmen getting dressed on time? No rushing around to setup your reception hall. No bickering or wondering if everything is running on time. Imagine a day where you have all the time in the world to get dressed. You spend the day listening to your favorite music, having a glass of wine, and slip into your dress.

Imagine getting married at dusk, with a candlelit pathway. Your fiance and officiant awaiting you. Perhaps you have a favorite spot like a pond, backyard, barn, or church. Looking deeply into each others eyes, your vows are exchanged. The officiant pronounces you husband and wife and you watch the sunset slip beyond the horizon.

Just because you can't have the huge celebration doesn't mean you can't indulge in the traditions. Have fun. Put together a playlist to enjoy during dinner and dancing. Dance to your first song. Have cake! While family and friends are asked to stay away, perhaps a close family member or friend could whip up a delicious cake or meal for you (Black Sheep would be happy to coordinate). Have a photo booth and use that hashtag you were so excited about! Go live - hop on your favorite social media outlet and post a live video to share with your family and friends.

2. Reception at a later date

This tradition is popular among those who elope or have a destination wedding. You may have your heart set on a 2020 date but know that big celebration with family and friends needs to be put on hold. Invite them to celebrate your one year anniversary. Show a slideshow of your wedding or play your ceremony video and then dance the night away with friends and family. What a great opportunity to wear your favorite white dress or even an excuse to purchase a reception dress! An added bonus, you have an extra year to go big on the meal, entertainment, cake, and more!

3. Small but Fabulous!

Keeping a wedding to 10 people or less is not an easy task. Can you narrow down your guest list to parents only? Perhaps parent and siblings? Delegate someone to video the wedding so you can share with those who are unable to make it.

Afterwards share a small meal. How fun to have a mid-morning wedding with a brunch to follow (yes, I am imagining Sex and the City) or perhaps a mid-afternoon wedding with a picnic themed meal including an antipasti and cheese platter, a fresh strawberry vinaigrette salad, followed by pinwheel sandwiches. Refresh yourself with a pitcher of lemonade and sangria and don't forget to indulge with a pie for desert!

Having a small wedding doesn't mean dull. Add pzazz to your affair with a custom playlist and DIY photo booth. Instead of spending your reception thanking all the wonderful people who came out to celebrate, you can spend it playing yard games like croquet (yep - imagine the fun photos), corn hole, or yard Yahtzee. Bust out board games or charades and spend the time making unique memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I know 2020 isn't turning out the way anyone envisioned, but we hope that you find joy and light. If you'd like to learn more about your options in the Wabash County area, we'd love to help. These options may not fit your vision -and that is ok! Whatever your decision is - we wish you many blessings!

Stay positive, stay healthy,

The Sheep

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