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5 Tips to Look Better in Photos!

1. Turn your face towards the light source. This brightens your face, making you glow, and as a bonus helps to hide blemishes – which face it – we all want!

2. Stand up straight. Posture is key. You will look confident, happy, and all-around more beautiful.

3. Wear flattering clothes. Some outfits do not translate well on camera. Avoid busy patterns, simple is best. Wear colors and styles that you know already look good on you for photos.

4. Angles. A slight turn to the side and hand on the hip might sound cliché, but it’s a night and day difference from a straight on shot.

5. Finally, Relax! Relaxing your body and especially your eyes helps product a more natural picture. If you are uptight and stressing your body is going to emulate that.

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