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Snow Shoot - Mini Sessions

There is something truly magical about snow. Even if you aren't a fan of winter or the cold air. The crisp, clean white background creates a stunning landscape to capture a few special moments. We pose the question, do you want to build a snowman?

1. Family Photos

Having my own kids, the idea of bundling them all up just so they can play for 15 - 20 minutes is a lot of work....sometimes you wonder if it is worth the effort. But when capturing a Snow Shoot, 15- 20 minutes is just enough time to capture a little of winter magic. Capture the family in the heat of an epic snowball fight or building a family of snowmen. Have the little ones hop around in the snow or make snow angels. Cap it all off with a few candid family shots and afterwards reward the crew with a hot chocolate bar.

2. Engagement Photos

We love how a little bit of color can truly make your engagement photos pop out. Have fun pulling each other on a sled or snuggling close to keep warm. Wrap up in a blanket or get caught under mistletoe. The ideas are endless for a playful and intimate engagement session.

3. Senior Photos

Throw out the traditional senior pictures and start your own trend. Stand out from your peers by diving into a wintery scene. Imagine the iconic Market Street alleyway with a pop of red or black as you stand in contrast to the white snow.

While we may prefer the warmer weather, we certainly have fun in the snow. Black Sheep is currently offering Snow Shoot Sessions.

Snow Shoot

$100 mini session includes: 30 minutes 1 location (Wabash county only) 1 outfit All digital photos

Contact us at to learn more or get booked!

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