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Cake flavors that WOW!

Everyone enjoys the classics – vanilla & chocolate, but we asked ourselves, what else is out there? Have you ever tried Strawberry/broccoli upside-down cake? What about German chocolate/spinach cake? Yeah - that is why we should leave the cake combination to the experts like owner and cake imagineere Sandra Tossou from Dreams to Reality and her office manager, Erica Coomer. There is a whole flavorful world out there and we recommend checking out these flavors (I promise, you won't find any spinach from this point on!) We asked the questions and they dished!

When it comes to wedding cakes – or cupcakes – bakeries make beautiful creations for our eyes to feast on and our taste buds to dance with delight. Sandra is an artist and her medium is baking. Let us tell you - her art work is delicious! She loves working with clients and listening to their vision. The challenge of taking their "pins" or theme and translating into an edible display of art is rewarding. Which is great because during wedding season she can be creating four to eight edible masterpieces a weekend!

Now onto the delicious flavors - while there are an assortment of tantalizing options we recommend the following!

Honey Bee

For those who want an elegant twist on tradition, we highly recommend the Honey Bee. Light and airy white cake is perfectly layered with creamy blend of buttercream and local honey. Each bite is a savory-sweet blend. Simple but memorable and a for-sure home-run for your guests.

Strawberry Lemonade

Talk about the perfect pairing for a rustic or shabby chic wedding! The rich flavor from the real strawberries made our taste buds jump with a refreshing pop from fresh lemon curd mixed with the buttercream makes it ideal for an outdoor wedding. The beautiful pink color of the cake is ideal for photographers to capture during the cake cutting ceremony!

Cookies & Cream

One of our faves when it comes to ice cream - so why not cake? Yep, it is just as good as it sounds! This is what we consider a playful flavor for a client who wants to party. It's a great crowd pleaser! Smooth vanilla buttercream is layered in and is a simple compliment to the velvety cake. While there are many pairings options, a playful coffee or hot cocoa bar would match the flavors well! - Did I mention Sandra also owns the Aroma coffee shop right next door?

Pineapple Upside Down

Brown sugar cake -yes, I said brown sugar cake! Pineapples and cherries are blended into the essence of the cake. Now add vanilla buttercream layers and you may have died and gone to paradise. Yes - this is a bold flavor but it is moist and full bodied. It a bit heavier than the other options listed above but not in an overpowering way. Rather in a I want to savor -every-single-bite way. Pair it with a fruit infused sangria and you are in business!

Besides indulging our taste buds, we had the opportunity to get the inside scoop.

BS: What is the most challenging flavor to work with?

Cookie Monster cake is a real challenge - to find the perfect balance of cookie dough layering is hard to perfect. However, it is Sandra's favorite!

BS: What has been trending in 2019 and 2020 clients?

Cupcakes by far, although a Holy "Donut" matrimony has been on the rise.

BS: I know lots of people don't want to transport a cake - I know we won't, but will Dreams to Reality deliver?

Yes! There is a setup fee and a delivery fee of a $1 per mile.

BS: What's been your farthest delivery?


BS: Will D2R do a Sunday wedding or a holiday wedding?


BS: We must ask, cake or cupcakes?

Sandra - Cake for sure!

Erica - Cupcakes!

If cupcakes or cakes aren’t your fancy – they can be pretty creative when it comes to sugar cookies too! Check out some of their masterpieces on their Facebook page! They are even dabbling in with the idea of macaroons! Whatever the occasion – we highly recommend Dreams to Reality.

Don’t be afraid to be playful with flavors, have fun, and experiment. Happy tasting!

With Love,

The Sheep

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