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Destination Wedding? Yes, Please!

"I want to get away, I want to fly away, yeah!" Thank you Lenny Kravitz for the reminder! Some dream weddings are not located in Indiana. Some visions cross state borders and even the national boundaries! But is a destination wedding right for you? We recommend asking yourself these questions to get started.

1. Who are the key people that must be there? Create a list of all the guests you want to invite. Review the list carefully and determine if your key people are able to make the journey. Is grandma and grandpa healthy enough to travel? Can your best friend afford to go? If you answered no to some of the key people, then perhaps an all out destination wedding doesn't fit your vision.

2. Do you want a small or big wedding? Generally speaking, RSVPs for a destination wedding is 50 people or less. I always tell clients, the people who love you the most will do their best to be there if they can.

3. Will you be upset if friends/family cannot attend? Destination weddings are a big commitment for your guests. Besides the airfare, hotels, and the additional time off, some people may even have to find babysitters in order to attend. If you will be heartbroken that some of your family and friends can't afford the cost or don't have the means to make the necessary accommodations, perhaps staying closer home would fulfill your dreams. While you may not be able to have a destination wedding, doesn't mean you can't have a travel theme or honeymoon there.

4. Do you want a very intimate ceremony? Some couples want to elope. While you love your family and friends, there is certainly something very romantic about two people slipping away and privately saying their "I dos." Modern technology enables live virtual streaming to allow family and friends to watch your private ceremony from the comfort of their living rooms. Hiring a videographer to record your intimate vows for you to share upon your return and cherish for years to come is another way to celebrate. Even having a large reception upon your return and sharing pictures/videos from your elopement can be the best of both worlds.

Whatever your decide, remember it is your day, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to weaving your dreams together!

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