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We strive to support our neighbors and community by showing our gratitude in any way we can! We donate a percentage of EVERY job to a cause or charity. With your help, we are able to contribute to help support Sawyer in his fight, and EVERY job we do from now till May 1st will benefit Sawyer and the Draper Family! #SawyerStrong

Sawyer’s story: Within 24 hours life flipped upside for the Draper family. In March of 2018 they took their youngest in for a high temperature from what they assumed was a common bug, only to be sent to Huntington and then to Indianapolis to confirm what doctor’s had suspected: 2 ½ year old Sawyer was diagnosed with Leukemia. Sawyer, now 3, has almost completed his first year of treatment. It’s been a long year but Sawyer has been fighting hard and continues to fight against this awful disease.

Meet Sawyer: I am Sawyer and love to play with my brother. When I get my treatments, I always take my Paw Patrol Toy with me because it makes me laugh.

If I were a superhero, my super powers would be flying and spider webs because I like Spiderman. The color of my cape would be blue. Superheroes love to eat oranges to recharge because they are sweet. Every superhero needs a side kick and mine would be Nolan because he is my best friend and brother.

Be like Sawyer. #Sawyerstrong!

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